Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (season 3)

{5/5} “‘Beets are a very misunderstood vegetable.’ ‘Well, I look forward to understanding it better.'” — Sisko & Bashir

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine season 3, aired in 1994-95

Commander Sisko brings a new ship to DS9, the Defiant, in order to find the leaders of the Dominion, the Founders. When Odo is drawn to a certain nebula in the Gamma quadrant, he finds other shapeshifters and the place he came from. It turns out those people are the same — Odo’s people are the Founders. When Kira is kidnapped, she wakes up to find herself altered to look like a Cardassian.

Sisko cooking for his friends is delightful.

Nog’s decision to become first Ferengi in Starfleet is one that I like a lot.

One more quotation: “‘How far down do they go?’ ‘All the way.'” — Deral & Dax, regarding her spots

In the 2-part “Past Tense” Sisko, Bashir, and Dax are accidentally transported to Earth in 2024 — Sisko’s knowledge of history tells him that they’re just in time for a riot. In “Visionary” O’Brien shifts forward in time and sees his own death and the destruction of the station. In “Through the Looking Glass” Sisko visits the Mirror Universe, where Jennifer Sisko is still alive. In “Shakaar” Sisko and Kira are shocked to find that Kai Wynn is the only one running for First Minister on Bajor.

Guest stars include Salome Jens, Robert O’Reilly, Jonathan Frakes, Clint Howard, and Andrea Martin.

Majel Barrett provides the voice of Starfleet computers, and Philip Anglim plays Vedek Bareil.

Stars Alexander Siddig, Nana Visitor, and Max Grodénchik.

This is the 2nd time I’ve seen it.

I previously reviewed season 2.

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