Jane the Virgin (season 4)

{5/5} “Wow, I’ve never seen anyone not like Jane before. It’s honestly a turn on.” — Petra

Jane the Virgin season 4, aired in 2017-18

Xo and Ro are married. Luisa got the addendum to her father’s will from Anezka when they shared a cab, and she says everything is hers and Rafael is out. Adam, Jane’s first love, shows up out of the blue — he had Michael’s letter, which had been hidden under the floor boards. Rafael and Petra tried to get back together, but Petra thinks Rafael still has feelings for Jane and vice versa.

Guest stars include Eva Longoria. and Amy Brenneman. Rosario Dawson and Brooke Shields have astonishingly large roles this season.

Melanie Mayron plays Professor Donaldson, Johnny Messner plays Chuck, and Justina Machado plays Darcy. Shelly Bhalla plays Krishna, Petra’s assistant.

It’s another brilliant season, with many surprises. Each season ends with a big surprise but the one this season is extra surprising.

I previously reviewed season 3.

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