DaCapo Chamber Choir’s “Restoration”

I went to the DaCapo Chamber Choir’s concert “Restoration.”

Here is the program:

  • Leonard Enns – The Hymn of the Cherubim
  • Don Macdonald – Tabula Rasa
  • Caroline Shaw – And the Swallow
  • Leonard Enns – A Great Tide of Love (premiere)
    • When Music Sounds
    • The Farmer is King
    • Foothils
    • Carry Me Over the Deep
  • David Archer – In Sweet Music
  • Randall Thompson – Frostiana (excerpts)*
    • The Road Not Taken
    • Choose Something Like a Star
  • Matthew Emery – Night on a Starry Hill*
  • Mikhail Glinka – The Hymn of the Cherubim*
  • Jonathan Adams – This Still Room (encore)*

Sarah Flatt played piano on the Thompson.

The choir was joined by 15 alumni singers for the pieces marked *.

Of the many sublime pieces, I found the Glinka the most sublime.

As always, the choir is directed by Leonard Enns. In the program, he says “The current concert theme continues the theme of peace and civility, but at a largely personal level. This direction is driven by the current state of politics, and by a world in which truth seems more and more to be a negotiable concept.”

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