Star Trek: Gateways — Chainmail

{4.5/5} “The legend of Keller is the only force holding us with you. If you want my people to take your orders, then you must show them why. If you let my orders be disobeyed, if you protect him, all your words about treating us as equals will dissolve. You have planets watching you. Planets.

Star Trek: Challenger — Gateways: Chainmail by Diane Carey, published in 2001

Commander Nick Keller of the Challenger beams over to a mysterious ship to rescue a couple of crewmates. Inside it looks like a jungle but it’s really made of metal, and there are statues but they’re really corpses. Zane Bonifay is trapped with metal wires going into and out of his body in various places. They start cutting the wires, and then the statues start moving.

This book features the characters from Star Trek: New Earth.

I found it a bit difficult to get into at the beginning, but once it got going it was a great story.

It’s about being in charge when you’re new to the job, being on a ship that’s been cobbled together, and working with people who have divided loyalties. It’s about people who work hard for generations to escape, and then when they do they’re confused about what the situation is on the outside.

I’ve read 14 books by Carey. I previously reviewed Star Trek: TNG — Double Helix: Red Sector.

The previous book in the series is Star Trek: Gateways — One Small Step.

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