Star Trek: “Q and False” and Other Stories

{4.5/5} “Archer smiled… ‘I’d rather see humanity on a long road to get where we’re going, than take a short-cut.’ He shook his head. ‘No offence, but I don’t want to put myself in debt to a god-like being. I’ve read the classics. I know how those bargains turn out.'” (from “The Offer”)

Star Trek: “Q and False” and Other Stories by James Swallow et al, published in 2022

“The Way to Exile” answers: What happens with Khan and his followers between the time Kirk retakes the ship and the time he drops them off on Ceti Alpha V? “A Night In” answers: What happens when Q offers Garak, sitting in a holding cell on Deep Space Nine, a vision of Cardassia of the future? In “Seven > Seven,” when Seven battles her Borg self on the holodeck and always loses, the Doctor has an idea. In “Explorers of the Storm” Will Decker reports to Delta IV to open up an embassy, as the Deltans have just joined the Federation.

This is an anthology of stories most of which were previously published in the Star Trek Explorer magazine.

Authors include James Swallow, Lisa Klink, Greg Cox, and Una McCormack.

The stories are pretty short, giving you a slice-of-life insight into the characters of all 5 1st and 2nd generation Star Trek shows.

I don’t usually comment on the format of books, but I’ll make a couple of comments on this one. The font was different on some pages — this was unnecessarily distracting. The word “FICTION” was on the top right of every odd-numbered page — since the entire book is fiction this is pointless.

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