Carve the Sky

{4.5/5} “Most past antiquarian organizations have consisted of crabbed and constipated men poring over dusty manuscripts in obsolete alphabets and dreaming of times when antiquarians were respected. The Academia is a different matter altogether. They affect to study the human race, but actually feel responsible for its destiny.”

Carve the Sky by Alexander Jablokov, published in 1991

Lord Monboddo has a fabulous collection of art. He acquired a precious figurine after the person bringing it to him was tragically killed. After inspecting it, he and his head of household, Anton, realize that it was carved from ngomite on the Moon. But in secret, because as far as everyone knows no one has found priceless ngomite on the Moon. Anton will track it down.

Jablokov crafts and interesting future where Earth has had some disasters and humans live in various places in the solar system. He could have easily written another book in this universe.

It’s about competing spies, eccentric artists, and secretive religions.

This is the 1st book I’ve read by Jablokov.

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