Bronze Summer

{4.5/5} “Somebody far back in our history realized that we have this basic problem of getting stuck in our ways. And that every so often the world changes, something new happens, and we have to be able to cope with it. So the Crows emerged. Like the other Houses, you can only join in you’re invited. And you’re only invited if you have the right kind of mind.”

Bronze Summer by Stephen Baxter, published in 2011

When Milaqa’s mother died, they told her she fell from her horse and she believed them. But her uncle took her to the body and showed her what was beneath her mother’s breastplate — an arrowhead. Milaqa lives in Great Etxelur and her room is in the Wall. The Wall now spans the entire northern shore of Northland, a distance of many days’ travel.

This is the sequel to Stone Spring. It takes place thousands of years later, but the work that the characters in the 1st book started has survived and flourished.

Baxter puts his characters through great difficulties — in this book, there is drought, a volcano eruption, war, and plague. But the story isn’t grim, and the characters are always doing something interesting.

It’s about people who farm and people who don’t. It’s about individuals who have the vision to do well for their people despite the obstacles thrown at them.

Some things you might think are far-fetched actually aren’t — see Baxter’s afterward for his meticulous notes.

I’ve read 18 books by Baxter.

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