Iron Winter

{4.5/5} “It was a question of how you thought about the world — not as a plaything of the gods to be accepted without question, but as a puzzle to be solved. And Avatak was drawn to the way Pyxeas’ mind worked as he challenged this huge, baffling, complex, secretive puzzle, and to the sheer delight the man showed when some small piece of it was resolved, and the world made a little more sense.”

Iron Winter by Stephen Baxter, published in 2012

On Coldland you can hear and feel the glacier moving. Pyxeas, a scholar from Northland, is studying it and Avatak is helping him. Pyxeas concludes that extra cold water flowing into the ocean will spell disaster for Northland. So he must head home in the spring to convince them, and Avatak will go with him.

This is the sequel to Bronze Summer and concludes the Northland trilogy.

Baxter continues his brilliant speculation about how his fictional people of Northland might have changed the world.

It’s about a time of climate change, when whole populations are on the move. It’s about people who make decisions that will impact thousands, or millions.

If you liked the historical sweep of his Time’s Tapestry tetralogy, you’ll like this one.

I’ve read 19 books by Baxter.

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