Star Trek: DS9 — Prophecy and Change

{5/5} “Every one of us is so wronged and dishonored and inflicted with the deaths of those nearest and dearest to us that we righteously believe that we have the right to strike the last blow!… But let me ask you a serious question, my fellow long-suffering Cardassian: have you thought about what this world is going to look like if you do strike the last blow?” (from “The Calling” by Andrew J. Robinson)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Prophecy and Change edited by Marco Palmieri, published in 2003

“Three Sides to Every Story” by Terri Osborne — During the time the Dominion took over the station Jake and Ziyal become friends. Ziyal creates artwork to bring Cardassians and Bajorans together, and Jake joins the resistance. Eventually Jake writes a story about Ziyal, which becomes her biography when she is killed.

Two characters who probably didn’t meet on screen become friends because of course they would. The story fits in perfectly with what we know. It shows the optimism and hope you can have during a bad time.

“The Devil You Know” by Heather Jarman — When the Romulans join with the Federation against the Dominion Jadzia is asked to work on Project Blue Sky. She and Subcommander T’Rul start by working on ways of improving weapons. But they end up with something far more ethically dubious.

This story is about what happens during war, and how you might feel about colleagues being killed and working with people who were once your enemy. Eventually Jadzia makes a decision about having a baby. The story mentions that The Final Reflection is one of Worf’s favourite novels, which is a nice touch.

The stories in this book will make you say “of course that’s what happened.” We see Sisko and Kira’s first visit to Bajor together, Nog’s first mission off the station, O’Brien and Bashir rekindle their friendship, and Quark gets a visit from Grilka.

Authors include Una McCormack, Christopher L. Bennett, Jeffrey Lang, and Keith R. A. DeCandido.

This is the 2nd time I’ve read it.

I’ve read 4 books edited by Palmieri. I previously reviewed Star Trek: The Lives of Dax.

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