The Autobiography of Benjamin Sisko

{4.5/5} “The future isn’t built with technology or even by engineers. The future is built by teachers. Every mind that is educated, every consciousness that is opened to new ideas and different ways of thinking, is a brick paying the way toward tomorrow.”

The Autobiography of Benjamin Sisko by Derek Tyler Attico, published in 2023

When Benjamin Sisko is in the hospital he meets a baseball-loving Tellarite named Ralph. His mother brings him model starships to put together. When his father suggests that he learn the restaurant trade, Ben reveals he wants to go to Starfleet. His father wants him to stay on Earth where all the Siskos have lived but he accepts Ben’s decision.

The vast majority of the book covers Sisko’s life before he goes to Deep Space Nine. We see Sisko meet Solok, Cal Hudson, Tryla Scott, his wife Jennifer, and Curzon Dax.

It incorporates what we knew with invented events that teach Sisko various lessons. This is done very well — you feel that this was the way it always was.

We see Sisko’s thoughts about Dax, his wishes for his son, and how he shifted from engineering to command.

All Deep Space Nine fans will want to read this book.

This is the 1st book I’ve read by Attico.

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