{4.5/5} “We believe in robots. We have faith in them — firm, unquestioned faith in them… And yet we Spacers despise the thing we worship. We love robotics and yet hold robots themselves in the lowest of regard. Who among us has not felt contempt toward a robot?”

Caliban by Roger MacBride Allen, published in 1993

On Inferno in the city of Hades, Alvar Kresh was sheriff. He comes to an unusual crime scene where his robot Donald 111 has already taken stock of things. Roboticist Fredda Leving was hit on the head and is lucky to be alive. He could see two bloody robotic sets of footprints heading away from the scene. But everyone knows a robot can’t harm a human.

This novel is part of the Robot series, created by Isaac Asimov.

It’s about the age-old Settler/Spacer debate, with a twist — someone has invented a new kind of robot.

Allen has immersed himself in Asimov’s world and crafted a great Robot novel. Like Asimov’s stories, it’s a fine mystery.

This is the 1st book by Allen I’ve read.

The previous novel in the series is Robots and Empire by Isaac Asimov.

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