{4.5/5} “But I do not worship humans, friend Prospero. I do, however, respect them. I respect their power, their abilities, and their capabilities. I understand that, like it or not, we survive at their sufferance. They can destroy us. We cannot destroy them. That is reality.”

Utopia by Roger MacBride Allen, published in 1996

Roboticist Fredda Leving occasionally meets with two of her creations, Caliban and Prospero. The New Law robots live in the city of Valhalla, in the Utopia sector. Her husband, Governor Alvar Kresh, thinks that things are coming along pretty well on Inferno when a scientist arrives with a startling proposition. He wants to nudge a comet into Inferno’s atmosphere to bring needed water. The plan will wipe out Valhalla.

This is the sequel to Inferno. It takes place 5 years later.

It’s about how various groups, capable of extreme measures, are plotting to advance their interests. It’s about a last-ditch effort to save the planet that’s wildly dangerous.

Allen has a created a great collection of characters to spend time with.

I’ve read 3 books by Allen.

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