Have Robot, Will Travel

{4.5/5} “Ideals are only useful until they get in the way of actually helping people. And behind all that is the real question: What do we owe the reanimes, Derec? Even Jerem Looms once was human. What happened to them isn’t their fault. Once they were us. Has what they suffered made them less than human? What do we owe them?”

Have Robot, Will Travel by Alexander C. Irvine, published in 2004

Derec and Ariel are working to make things better on Nova Levis. Derec is working on ecosystem restoration, and Ariel is working on governmental reform. Someone from Nucleomorph comes to Ariel asking for her to look into whether the cyborgs, now marginalized, could be granted citizenship. She thinks that’s wildly unlikely but she decides to look into it anyway.

This is the sequel to Aurora. It continues the story even though it’s by a different author.

It successfully continues the Robot tradition of telling a compelling story about specific humans, robots, and cyborgs while making it part of a larger story about the galaxy of Terrans, Spacers, and Settlers.

This is the 1st book I’ve read by Irvine.

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