Chaos Terminal

{4.5/5} “She had been served a plate of green leafy vegetables and was glad to finally have a salad, only to realize the greens were a shield so that the real, caterpillar-like creatures, would feel safe and not try to run off the plate immediately. When Mallory had tried to eat the greens, the waitstaff had run to her in horror to stop her.”

Chaos Terminal by Mur Lafferty, published in 2023

Mrs. Brown is going to the planet November to learn more about sentient stations, and she wants Mallory to look after Eternity while she’s gone. She’s concerned that something is off with Eternity. Mallory is surprised to find out that the Sundry, an insect hivemind, helps Eternity do what it needs to do. And a shuttle from Earth is coming.

This is the sequel to Station Eternity.

Laffery’s humour is similar to that of James Alan Gardner. The character of Tina, who was also in the previous book, is hilarious.

It’s about what happens when someone you forgot existed shows up, and when some creatures display Cuckoo-like behaviour when they take over a next from the inside. It’s about what happens when an alien, thinking of herself, sends the station to a planet no one else wants to go to.

This is the 3rd book I’ve read by Lafferty.

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