Mind Over Ship

{4.5/5} “And her Leena’s share in the action… topped four figures. And that meant that her Leena had in one afternoon earned Mary more than she used to earn in a whole year working at Applied People. It was astounding. It was unreal. Capitalism was a marvel, as long as you were a capitalist.”

Mind Over Ship by David Marusek, published in 2009

Ellen Starke is recovering from an accident in which her body was destroyed. Her head survived, and now it’s attached to a new body — but that body is currently baby-sized. She’s doing OK physically but she’s having trouble remembering that her mother is dead. The doctor is going to adjust her memories to fix that problem.

This is the sequel to Counting Heads.

It features clones, implants, and artificial minds.

It’s about people minding their own business, and people hatching plans to defeat their perceived enemies. It’s about people who are planning on colonizing other worlds, and people who want to use those ships as space condos.

It’s a bit odd but Marusek’s future is an interesting one.

Read it when you can focus on all the new words — this is one of those books that could have used a glossary.

This is the 2nd book I’ve read by Marusek.

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