Untethered Sky

{5/5} “All I’d ever wished for was to become a ruhker and hunt manticores, and now that I’d achieved that goal, I wanted to become a better ruhker, someone as skilled as Darius, as accomplished and respected as the most senior members of the mews. I had no desire to attend royal feasts or go on imperial tours. And the idea of winning the attention of a handsome young prince! It was foolishness.”

Untethered Sky by Fonda Lee, published in 2023

Ester is a new ruhker, training a roc for the first time. It’s dangerous work, but she’s known for years that she wanted to do it. When Zahra, her roc, is trained she will take her out to hunt. They’ll hunt other creatures when they need to, but hunting manticores — that’s the reason this partnership exists.

This is a novella.

It’s about the delight of interacting with majestic creatures. It’s about commoners who use creatures to hunt vicious beasts, and one royal who takes an interest in them.

Lee has beautifully crafted this world, and given it a charming main character and a story you won’t be able to put down.

This is the 2nd book I’ve read by Lee. I previously reviewed Jade City.

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