The Expert System’s Brother

{5/5} “We are cast out, all of us… See what that means? No lawgiver will come save you. No community will step in to provide for you or protect you, save that which we make together. Leave me and starve, if you will… Or stay with me and obey me, for to me is given wisdom and truth.”

The Expert System’s Brother by Adrian Tchaikovsky, published in 2018

Handry, a young boy, is accidentally splashed with Severance when Sethr was Severed from the village. While everyone else starts shunning him, at least Melory still treats him like her brother. When the old doctor, who hadn’t been able to help anyone for some time, dies Handry hopes the new one will be able to cure him. The Electors choose Melory to be the new doctor.

This is a novella.

It’s what what happens when you’re forced to leave the only home you know, and when you come across someone who knows more about the world than you do.

It’s about how it’s sometimes difficult to know who the good guys are.

I’ve read 7 books by Tchaikovsky. I previously reviewed Cage of Souls.

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