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Infinitum: Subject Unknown

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{3/5} “We needed the subject to feel threatened, and in real jeopardy.” Infinitum: Subject Unknown, released in 2021 A woman wakes up tied to a chair. She is able to get loose and explores the house she finds herself in. Each time she gets farther away, but eventually something happens and she finds herself back […]

The Thirteenth Floor

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{3/5} “He made himself a god, and it corrupted him.” The Thirteenth Floor, released in 1999 Douglas Hall works at a computer software company where they’ve been working on something revolutionary — an artificial world where the characters think they’re real people. His boss, Hannon Fuller, was murdered and Douglas can’t remember what he was […]

Ad Astra

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{3/5} “I am ready to go, ready to do my job to the best of my ability. I am focused only on the essentials, to the exclusion of all else. I will make only pragmatic decisions. I will not allow myself to be distracted. I will not allow my mind to linger on that which […]

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

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{3/5} “If she can see how crazed I can be without a cause, think how crazed she will imagine I can be with one.” The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, released in 2018 Toby is directing a movie about Don Quixote in Spain. When he returns to the village where he made a student film […]


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{3/5} “Whenever I’ve experienced a re-run, they’ve cut out the actual death. But five billion-odd were subjected to all the emotions of a man, about to be sworn in as Secretary of the Pleiades, suddenly attacked by a madman and killed.” Nova by Samuel R. Delany, published in 1968 Lorq von Ray hires a crew […]

Pom Poko

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{3/5} “We raccoons are good-natured. We get excited easily. We’re too generous. That’s the source of our failures.” Pom Poko, released in 1994 When humans encroach on their territory, a group of raccoons tries to do something about it. Some of them can change their shape. Some of them want to fight the humans, while […]

Mary and the Witch’s Flower

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{3/5} “Don’t go into the woods today — there’s a dreadful mist.” Mary and the Witch’s Flower, released in 2017 Mary finds a flower in the woods that gives her the powers of a witch for one day. A flying broom takes her to a secret school where witches and warlocks are taught. Initially she […]

Other TV shows I’ve watched lately

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Here is the previous iteration of this list. These are shows I’ve watched some of but not every episode. {4.5/5} The Daily Show (season 22) Trevor Noah and his team continue to amuse and inform. Noah talks a lot about Donald Trump, of course. Desi Lydic has a segment called “What the actual fact?” Guests […]

For Your Eyes Only

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{3/5} “I’m a good judge of man. You have what the Greeks call ‘thrausos’ — guts.” For Your Eyes Only, released in 1981 A British nuclear submarine is destroyed off the coast of Albania. When they ask a marine archaeologist to find the wreck, he and his wife are killed by a Cuban hit man. […]

Dr. No

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{3/5} “That’s a Smith and Wesson, and you’ve had your six.” Dr. No, released in 1962 British secret agent James Bond is sent to Jamaica to investigate the disappearance of an intelligence operative. While there he meets Felix Leiter of the CIA. The Americans are worried about some radio interference in their rocket launches. Leiter […]