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Modern Family (season 9)

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{5/5} “Now that Manny’s away at college and Joe goes to kindergarten I have time for one of my old hobbies — confronting the Devil in all his forms.” — Gloria Modern Family season 9, aired in 2017-18 Jay rents a boat for the whole family to spend time on for the eclipse, and then […]

The Good Place (season 1)

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{5/5} “There’s something so human about taking something great, and ruining it a little, so you can have more of it.” — Michael, about frozen yogurt The Good Place season 1, aired in 2016-17 Eleanor Shellstrop arrives in the afterlife — she’s relieved to find that she’s in the Good Place. But then she finds […]

Star Trek: Prime Directive

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{5/5} “For every civilization which was more advanced than those making up the Federation, there were a hundred which were less so. And every one of those less-advanced worlds would, in time, have been overwhelmed by the Federation’s superior technological culture and well-intentioned aid and enlightenment — unless drastic measures were taken.” Star Trek: Prime […]

Avengers: Infinity War

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{5/5} “Oh, we’re using our made-up names. Um… I’m Spider-Man, then.” Avengers: Infinity War, released in 2018 When Thanos gets all 6 Infinity Stones he’ll be able to wield unimaginable power — he’ll be able to finally achieve his goal of ridding the universe of half its beings. So that the beings who are left […]

The Big Bang Theory (season 11)

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{5/5} “I don’t have a super secret enemies list — I’m not a Bond villain. I’m just a regular guy, with a regular enemies list.” The Big Bang Theory season 11, aired in 2017-18 Amy says yes to Sheldon’s marriage proposal. Bernadette finds out that she’s pregnant again — she and Howard didn’t intend to […]

Star Trek: Vulcan’s Heart

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{5/5} “Spock let out his breath in a silent sigh. Pardek might well be imprisoned or, by now, dead. With no Federation diplomatic relations with Romulus after Tomed, and only the scantiest of data from Intelligence, he had no recourse. He must go to Romulus, quite outside the law — and alone.” Star Trek: Vulcan’s […]

Star Trek: Vulcan’s Forge

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{5/5} “Spock paused, considering the starkness about him. A younger Spock would have agreed stiffly that there was an esthetic correctness to the arrangement of plain and mesa and mountains. Now he could say simply, ‘Yes. I, too, find it beautiful.’” Star Trek: Vulcan’s Forge by Josepha Sherman & Susan Shwartz, published in 1997 In […]

Foundation’s Triumph

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{5/5} “The good of humanity at large had to supersede that of individual human beings. The early Calvinians who rejected the Zeroth Law were simply wrong, and Daneel was right. That was not the discovery upsetting Dors. It was finding out that Giskard and Daneel had proceeded down this path without consulting any humans at […]

How to Stop Time

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{5/5} “For years now I had convinced myself that the sadness of the memories weighed more and lasted longer than the moments of happiness themselves. So I had, though some crude emotional mathematics, decided it was better not to seek out love or companionship or even friendship. ” How to Stop Time by Matt Haig, […]

Foundation’s Friends

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{5/5} “Some of you may now be saying that psychohistory was not what I made it out to be, and you will be right, in the way that most shortsighted minds are right. But it was, I hope, enough of what it had to be — a rallying cry against the irrational darkness that threatened […]