Best games

Card Games

I have played a lot of card games in my life, and I still play cards on occasion.

Here are the best card games. When asked to name my favourite card game I will say bid euchre.

  • Bid euchre
  • Hearts
  • Oh heck

Board Games

The type of board games I’m listing here are sometimes called German-style board games — most of them are made in Germany, for some reason. What’s different about these games is that they rely on more strategy and less luck. Many of the games give you different ways of getting points, so that you can try different strategies in different games.

Here are my favourite board games in four categories.

When asked to name my favourite board game I will say without hesitation Settlers of Catan.

Longer Games (roughly 45 to 75 minutes)

  • Settlers of Catan *
    • the basic game
      • The Settlers of Catan
    • expansions
      • Cities and Knights of Catan
    • standalone games
      • Candamir: The First Settlers
      • Elasund: The First City
      • Starfarers of Catan
  • Other
    • 7 Wonders
    • Dominion *
    • Elfenland
    • Robo Rally
    • Takenoko
    • Ticket to Ride Europe *
    • Tzolk’in

Shorter Games (roughly 15 to 45 minutes)

  • 10 Days in Africa *
  • Blokus Trigon *
  • Kingdom Builder
  • Ubongo
  • Wooly Bully

Cooperative Games

  • Pandemic

2 Player Games

  • Battle Line
  • Catan Card Game
  • Dragonheart
  • Lost Cities

* There are other versions of these games — I’ve listed the version(s) I’ve played most often.