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The Flat Earth conspiracy theory

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You might be wondering how people in the 21st century could believe the world is flat. In this video Simon from Today I Found Out details the rise and fall of various Flat Earth societies. He points out that all intelligent people have known the Earth is round for thousands of years. As you might […]

Why the Mona Lisa?

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The Mona Lisa is certainly a beautiful painting, but there are lots of other beautiful paintings too. Why is this one so famous? Noah Charney answers the question here on TED-Ed. It’s a combination of factors, including a brazen theft in 1911. Why is the Mona Lisa so famous? – Noah Charney

Astonishing ancient works of art & science

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From the Funny Foxy YouTube channel, here are some items from hundreds or thousands of years ago that are amazing. See things from people you’ve heard of like Michelangelo and Galileo. And things you haven’t heard of like 1000-year-old windmills in Iran, a globe from 1504, and a hut made from mammoth bones. Very Old […]

It’s time to get rid of monarchy

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Among the things we should get rid of in the 21st century? Monarchy. Note that I’m not talking about a specific monarchy, or specific people. Any specific monarch might be a nice person — that is irrelevant to my point. Regardless of their niceness, or usefulness, they should get off their throne. As for the […]

Incompetent people think they’re great

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You might have wondered, particularly over the last 5 or 6 years, why incompetent people don’t realize they’re incompetent. For example, 88% of drivers think they’re better than average at driving — which is mathematically impossible. It happens with all kinds of things. And the people who are the least competent overrate themselves to the […]

Beautiful News

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From the people who brought you Information is Beautiful, now there’s Beautiful News. The subtitle is “unseen trends, uplifting stats, creative solutions.” The regular news is mostly bad, but there are good things happening in the world — things you should know about. Here’s the main page: Beautiful News There are lots of great infographics. […]

New Zealand phasing out smoking

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New Zealand has a unique and bold plan to phase out smoking. The smoking age will be raised every year — until it covers the entire population. Here’s The Damage Report on this topic: New Zealand Phases Out Cigarettes In Country-Wide Ban The video then moves on to a second topic, which is also interesting: […]

Thought terminating cliché

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I’ve mentioned David Pakman before, as someone who has brilliant videos on US politics. Here he’s interviewing Amanda Montell, a linguist who’s written a book called Cultish. They have a fascinating discussion about cults, in which she brings up this term “thought terminating cliché.” It means a phrase that always ends the debate, and is […]

Astonishing archaelogical discoveries

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How long ago did we have fast food? When did Europeans and Australians first visit the Americas? When was writing invented? Who built the first city in North America? Where was the biggest city in the world before the industrial revolution? Your ideas about these things might just be wrong. Simon Whistler from TopTenz tells […]

Imagining people as equals

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“Imagine every woman, man, girl and boy we share this planet with is our equal… and if we would just love them as such. Imagine what that would do to war, to conflict, to racism, to division, and to discrimination of every kind.” This is David Beasley, director of the World Food Programme, in his […]