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A very nice, but fake, Batgirl trailer

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Warner Brothers filmed a Batgirl movie for $90 million and then threw it in the garbage for mysterious reasons. Not only were we denied a potentially great movie, but we were denied the astonishing return of Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne. Now the folks at Collider have created their own Batgirl trailer — they did […]

7 Questions with Emmy

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Emmy Eaton is an 8-year-old kid who’s been interviewing people, either people from her home town or famous people. She does a great job, and is very charming and funny. Here are some interviews that I enjoyed: Comedian Ryan Stiles from ‘Whose Line Is it Anyway?’ answers 7 Questions with Emmy Jeff Foxworthy answers 7 […]

Ontario voters need to vote strategically

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Most people in Ontario don’t want Doug Ford to be premier again (CBC News says he has 36% whereas the combination of Liberal, NDP, Green, and Other has 64%). And rightly so — he will do very horrible things. But because of how our election system works (first past the post) he is likely to […]

The problem with museums

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Amber Ruffin explains why museums can be problematic in this terrific segment from her show. Pieces in museums were often stolen — possibly by governments rather than individuals. In particular, “90 to 95% of sub-Saharan cultural artifacts are housed outside of Africa.” Some museums are now giving things back to their rightful owners, but more […]

What Biden has done as president

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Joe Biden is at risk of being able to do less after the midterm elections this year. It’s useful to remember all the great things he’s done as president, along with fellow Democrats. Thom Hartmann gives the run down: Here’s What The Dems Have Done – Did You Know?

An eruption of possibility

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Eddie Glaude, from Princeton, calls this moment when Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has been confirmed for the Supreme Court “an eruption of possibility… What we think is possible expands.” Fellow guest Joe Lockhart, former White House Press Secretary, points out no Republicans stood up to condemn their colleagues’ sickening behaviour during the hearings. This is […]

Junk food

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It’s time to fight back against companies who are producing addictive junk food, advertising them during kid’s shows, and lobbying against efforts to require nutritional information on packaging. This funny-but-serious video from Cracked tells you what the deal is: If Junk Food Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads

How to get people back together again

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In this clip from MSNBC, Chuck Tood talks to Rich Harwood and Ben Collins. They’re discussing what they call a “civic virus,” in other words the fact that people have separated themselves from others. The solution starts with people in their local communities getting together so they can see each other and remember that “the […]

4 billion years of evolution

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If you don’t have time to read The Ancestor’s Tale by Richard Dawkins, you can watch this video. Prosanta Chakrabarty gives a TED talk on evolution and dispels some myths. He argues that it’s important to understand where we come from, in order to treat others on this planet the right way. Four billion years […]

Methane’s importance in climate change

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Ilissa Ocko, an atmospheric scientist, provides some details in this TED Talk that I hadn’t heard before. In addition to reducing carbon dioxide, which is important for the long term, we also need to reduce methane — which is important for the short term. The 3 main categories of methane production are energy production, waste […]