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Republican presidents committing treason

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Thom Hartman, author of Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, reveals on his show that Republican presidents have been committing treason for some time. A couple of these are completely shocking and brand new information to me. Here’s the clip: When Did Tyranny Begin In America? Hartmann is intelligent, knowledgeable, and convincing. Here’s the main page […]

Data Is Beautiful

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Similar to Information is Beautiful, this YouTube channel portrays information in a graphical way. In this case, it’s videos of bar charts changing over a period of time. Here’s the main page: Data is Beautiful Here are the ones I found most interesting or surprising: Most Popular Websites 1996 – 2019 (UPDATED!) All-Time Top Movie […]

The misinformation age

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Here is an article from Claire Wardle in Scientific American about how exactly misinformation has become a huge problem in the age of social media. Social media companies and journalists have work to do, but every single person needs to understand how things are and guard themselves against misinformation. Misinformation Has Created a New World […]

Heresy against reality

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Stephen Colbert has a great phrase to describe the way Donald Trump wants us all to believe in the fantasy world he lives in: heresy against reality. It’s a beautiful phrase for an ugly situation. Colbert articulately explains what he means in this interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN. Full Interview: Anderson Cooper Talks To […]

Gun control

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Gun control has worked in other countries, therefore it will work if implemented in the US. Because guess who lives in the US? Humans, just like in other countries. It may be difficult to get done, but it’s not difficult to understand what the deal is. The only people who don’t want to do it […]

Music lawsuits that don’t make sense

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Here’s a channel called MediaBrighton on the lawsuit against the writers of “Blurred Lines,” Robin Thicke and Pharrell. The lawsuit was brought by the descendants of Marvin Gaye, who said that the song copies “Got to Give It Up.” Although the songs do sound similar, the point is that the melody, lyrics, and chord progressions […]

Why don’t we try peace for a change

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This article from the Guardian points out that Trump promised he would get the US out of wars, and he hasn’t. It points out that both Republicans and Democrats have been pretty much pro-war for some time, but polls indicate that people are tired of it. With so many, many things wrong with Trump it […]

We went to the Moon

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Here’s a nice article from the Smithsonian about what led to the US landing on the Moon 50 years ago. It points out that when JFK gave his speech about going to the Moon NASA didn’t have the knowledge or equipment to do it at that point, and many people at the time didn’t want […]

The last state with a Confederate flag

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Mississippi still has the Confederate symbol as part of its flag. It’s shocking to any reasonable person. The Confederate flag is the flag of slavery. Period. Anyone who says otherwise is an insensitive jerk, who needs to shut up and listen to a black person give their view on the subject. Failing that, I was […]

Ridding the world of smoking

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Here’s an article from Vox that details how smoking has gone down dramatically in Canada and the US but has gone up elsewhere in the world. One way of improving things is by enforcing the terms of a treaty which 180 countries have signed — the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Tobacco companies have engaged […]