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Astonishing archaelogical discoveries

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How long ago did we have fast food? When did Europeans and Australians first visit the Americas? When was writing invented? Who built the first city in North America? Where was the biggest city in the world before the industrial revolution? Your ideas about these things might just be wrong. Simon Whistler from TopTenz tells […]

Imagining people as equals

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“Imagine every woman, man, girl and boy we share this planet with is our equal… and if we would just love them as such. Imagine what that would do to war, to conflict, to racism, to division, and to discrimination of every kind.” This is David Beasley, director of the World Food Programme, in his […]


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Baratunde Thurston uses “citizen” as a verb to suggest that you need to be a citizen not just at elections but all the time. “Some people have always felt the right to take from others, to deny democracy to some, to keep some power for themselves,” he says. He has a podcast called “How to […]

The problem with the NRA

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The NRA uses its power to thwart any gun control legislation in the US. Farron Cousins on The Ring of Fire argues that its leadership, not its individual members, should be classed a terrorist organization. The NRA throws its weight around to stymie reasonable measures that are supported by a wide majority of the population […]

Performative outrage

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The Republican Party used to care about policies — they were generally bad policies, but they were policies. Then for a while they pretended to care about policies but really didn’t. Now they’re not even pretending. Here’s David Pakman on this development: Trump’s Republican Party is Just Performative Outrage

Dr. Grande on mental health & personality

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Dr. Todd Grande is a licensed professional counsellor, and speculates about the mental health and personality factors that are involved in various cases. He’s serious, but throws in 1 or 2 funny lines in each video. Here are some cases I was particularly interested in. Michael Jackson Grande believes it’s more likely that Jackson was […]

How ex-presidents should act

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If you’re wondering how ex-presidents should act, it’s like this. Here are Bush, Clinton, and Obama with a shared message of democracy and unity on the day of Biden’s inauguration: Obama, Clinton, and Bush Unite For Biden’s Inauguration Will 45 ever be a member of this group? No, he will not.

N95 masks could end the pandemic sooner

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If everybody were to use the N95 masks we could end the pandemic in 4 weeks, according to Dr. Abraar Karan, seen here on CNN: See expert’s plan to end pandemic in four weeks Some places are ramping up production of N95 masks. Everyone should do so — including Canada.

67 million voted for Trump the 2nd time

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One might understand that some people who voted for Trump the first time didn’t realize how terrible he’d be. But now they know. And 67 million people voted for him the 2nd time. That’s completely ridiculous. David Pakman explains that the reason is because Trumpists believe they’re at war: The Country is Screwed Whether Trump […]

Think about what was lost

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“Just think about, culturally, what was lost by us as a country — and much of the world — spending half a decade thinking about Donald Trump all the time.” — John Iadarola in this video: Trump OBLITERATED By Biden Ad