Ninefox Gambit

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{4.5/5} “She was looking out of the window as they arced into the sky, so she saw the waiting Kel bannermoth drop two bombs, neat and precise, on the site they had just left. A day’s worth of hard battle and the entire objective rendered irrelevant by high explosives. She kept watching until the explosions’ […]

Dr. Grande on mental health & personality

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Dr. Todd Grande is a licensed professional counsellor, and speculates about the mental health and personality factors that are involved in various cases. He’s serious, but throws in 1 or 2 funny lines in each video. Here are some cases I was particularly interested in. Michael Jackson Grande believes it’s more likely that Jackson was […]

Batman: Hush

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{4.5/5} “Bruce Wayne, this is Clark Kent.’ ‘I believe we’ve met.’” Batman: Hush, released in 2019 Hush shoots Batman out of the sky and he’s hurt badly. At Hush’s request, Bane and Poison Ivy were working together to get a bunch of cash from a kidnapping. Catwoman helped too, because Ivy was controlling her. Meanwhile, […]

VOY String Theory: Evolution

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{4.5/5} “While most of these hotshots around here act all blasé about rearranging planetary systems and making stars go nova, the truth is, simple games of chance entertain them endlessly. I’ve seen Q at the slots for days, shoveling in their chips and pulling the handle to see if the primordial DNA combinations the box […]

Star Trek: Voyager (season 6)

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{5/5} “Keep a docking bay open for us.” — Captain Janeway, to Admiral Paris on Earth Star Trek: Voyager season 6, aired in 1999-2000 When the Doctor starts daydreaming, he imagines that he becomes the Emergency Command Hologram when Janeway becomes incapacitated. Back on Earth, Reg Barclay has become obsessed with finding a way to […]

The Sixth Sense

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{5/5} “They don’t have meetings about rainbows.” The Sixth Sense, released in 1999 Dr. Malcolm Crowe is a child psychologist who is trying to help a kid named Cole Spear. He’s had outbursts at school, he says he’s a “freak,” and he passes out after being locked in a closet. Malcolm gains Cole’s trust and […]

Seraphim Falls

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{5/5} “‘What do you want?’ ‘I’d have thought that was obvious seein’ as I’ve been shootin’ at ya.’” Seraphim Falls, released in 2006 In 1868 five men on a horse are chasing one man on a horse. One of the five shoots the man in the arm, and then he’s on the run on foot. […]

Guilty pleasures & chick flicks

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There should be no such term as “guilty pleasure.” Either it’s something you like, or it’s not. There’s no reason for you to feel guilty for liking something. There should be no such term as “chick flick.” Either it’s a good movie, or it’s not — it shouldn’t matter whether the viewer is male or […]

VOY String Theory: Fusion

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{4.5/5} “Chakotay was not at all surprised to see that in the space of a breath, the jovial woman who had just lingered lovingly over a child’s drawing was gone and in her place stood the most determined leader to ever right point on a Federation vessel. Sometimes he thought they had survived this long […]

How ex-presidents should act

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If you’re wondering how ex-presidents should act, it’s like this. Here are Bush, Clinton, and Obama with a shared message of democracy and unity on the day of Biden’s inauguration: Obama, Clinton, and Bush Unite For Biden’s Inauguration Will 45 ever be a member of this group? No, he will not.