Starter Villain

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{4.5/5} “Your uncle is in parking garages because they fund his more important work… Which is to seek out, fund and create the sort of technologies and services that bring disruptive change to existing industrial and social paradigms, and offer them, on a confidential basis, to interested businesses and governments.” Starter Villain by John Scalzi, […]


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{5/5} “I’ve just never been punched in the face with beauty before.” Elemental, released in 2023 Bernie and Cinder, fire elementals, leave their home because of a big storm. Eventually their daughter Ember works in the fire shop with her dad. She even beats his record for making deliveries. But she has a temper, and […]


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{5/5} “The Breaths were wonderful. It was more than just the beauty or the ability to hear changes in sound and sense intrinsically the distinct hues of color. It was more even that the ability to sense life around her. More than the sounds of the wind and the tones of people talking, or her […]

Only Murders in the Building (season 3)

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{5/5} “Ferris Bueller might take a day off but Matthew Broderick does not.” — Matthew Broderick Only Murders in the Building season 3, aired in 2023 Oliver is directing a Broadway play, which Hollywood actor Ben is starring in. His friend Charles is also in it. And he found a great actor he didn’t know […]

Ghostwriting and celebrity books

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I hadn’t seen anything by this guy before but he has a lot of insightful things to say on this topic. His name is Jack Edwards: the complicated ethics of ghostwriters + celebrity books He points out: some celebrities are more transparent than others about their ghostwriters saying a book was the fastest selling debut […]

Babylon 5: The Road Home

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{5/5} “Zathras warn, but no one listen to Zathras.” Babylon 5: The Road Home, released in 2023 When John Sheridan leaves Babylon 5 to become the President of the Interstellar Alliance he goes to his new home on Minbar. He opens a new energy facility only to discover too late that it uses tachyons. He […]

The Pod Generation

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{4.5/5} “At Pegazus, we want fulfilled mothers. We want them to pursue their careers and dreams. So let us do the heavy lifting while you enjoy your babies.” The Pod Generation, released in 2023 Rachel wants to have a baby but doesn’t want to get pregnant. She is doing well at work and gets an […]

Smothered Dolls

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{4.5/5} “‘This place, this loft… well, back in the seventies, it belonged to her.’ The unexpected verbal italics did more than jangle rudely in my ears… they formed shivery small scythes, which arced cleanly through the haze of my thoughts, revealing something best left hidden — before I spoke, I carefully ran my tongue over […]

Why conservatives don’t understand TV shows

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Steve Shives talks about how conservatives don’t understand the shows they watch (or music they listen to). He demonstrates that conservatives miss the point of All in the Family and The Colbert Report — and sometimes even Star Trek. Why is this? He says: conservatives assume that their opinions represent the consensus, ie. other people […]

Courtship Rite

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{4.5/5} “He was Prime Predictor because the prophesies he had registered in the Archives as a youth had been more accurate than the vision of any other Kaiel. That was how the Kaiel elected their leader. He would be Prime Predictor until he died or retired or was ousted by a man who had proved […]