Sense8 (season 1)

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{5/5} “Impossibility is a kiss away from reality.” Sense8 season 1, aired in 2015 Eight people from around the world suddenly become mentally linked, in a way that eventually allows them to help each other by briefly taking their place in order to do something they can do better. Capheus is a bus driver in […]

Koko the gorilla has passed away

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Koko, the gorilla who learned sign language, has passed away at the age of 46. During her life through books and videos she was able to reach out to people and inform them about gorillas — how smart they are, how they have emotions, and how they can be funny. She lived at a place […]

Pixar movies

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Here’s an update to this list. After Toy Story 4 next year, Pixar has plans for 5 currently untitled non-sequel movies from 2020 to 2022. Toy Story movies Toy Story 1995 -> 5/5 Toy Story 2 1999 -> 5/5 Toy Story 3 2010 -> 4.5/5 Toy Story 4 2019 Monsters, Inc. movies Monsters, Inc. 2001 […]

Incredibles 2

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{4.5/5} “Is she having adolescence?” Incredibles 2, released in 2018 Superheroes have been illegal for a while now, but rich siblings Winston and Evelyn have a plan to bring them back. They decide their best bet is to start with Elastigirl, sending her out on missions to get some good publicity and change people’s minds. […]

Savage Chickens

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This is a comic strip by Doug Savage that’s drawn on one or more post-it notes. Many of the characters in the strips are chickens. It’s often wryly humorous. Here’s the main page: Savage Chickens Here’s one with a Star Wars theme: My Only Hope He has a bunch about meetings. I like this one: […]

The Incredibles

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{5/5} “You always always say be true to yourself, but you never say which part of yourself to be true to!” The Incredibles, released in 2004 After superheroes getting sued a bunch of times, they hang up their capes and lead regular lives. Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl are married with 3 kids when someone from […]

The problem with the Supreme Court

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Of all the scary things happening in the US one of the scariest is the possibility that the Supreme Court will be skewed right wing for decades once Donald Trump’s nominee gets in. People are going to need to call their congressperson to stop that from happening. Here’s an article by E.J. Dionne Jr. from the […]

Fun videos about movies

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Here are a couple of YouTube channels I’ve been watching a bunch of. Super Easy, Barely an Inconvenience These are imagined pitch meetings between a writer and a producer, both played by Ryan George. They are hilarious, but they do point out big flaws in the movie so you might not want to watch the […]

The Stars Are Legion

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{4/5} “Soon, what is left of the world will be a soupy ruin, and Anat will send me or one of her daughters out here with an army to salvage it and feed it into the great mouth of the recycling monsters on Katazyrna, until Katazyrna is healthy again. But only for a time… Because […]


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{4.5/5} “She’s got a short fuse but she’ll bend over backwards for us.” Micmacs, released in 2009 Bazil got shot in the head by a stray bullet, and lost his job while he was recovering. He ends up falling in with a small group of people who collect junk and fix it. When he finds […]