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{4/5} “You are a kite dancing in a hurricane, Mr. Bond.” Spectre, released in 2015 When Bond is in the middle of an international incident in Mexico, M grounds him. Meanwhile, M is in the midst of a shake-up of his own — MI5 and MI6 are merging and the double-oh program may be eliminated. […]


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{4/5} “This isn’t a personal vendetta, 007. It’s an assignment, like any other. And if you can’t treat it as such, coldly and objectively, 008 can replace you.” Goldfinger, released in 1964 Bond is assigned to figure out how Auric Goldfinger is smuggling gold between countries. When Goldfinger kills a woman Bond was involved with, […]

Clouds of Sils Maria

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{4/5} “It’s theatre — it’s an interpretation of life. It can be truer than life itself.” Clouds of Sils Maria, released in 2014 Maria is an actor who’s going through a divorce. She’s about to accept an award on behalf of a director she admires when she finds out that he has died. Luckily she […]

Star Trek: Crisis of Consciousness

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{4/5} “Instinctively, the Captain knew not to ask her who she was to try, convict, and carry out a sentence for past crimes. The consciousnesses within Zhatan probably remembered the atrocities they suffered. To her — to all of them — this was not something from a school lesson. It was their personal history.” Star […]


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{4/5} “Don’t laugh, I’m being cool.” Chappie, released in 2015 Crime has gotten so bad in Johannesburg that they’ve decided to try something completely different — a robotic police force. When Scout 22 is hit by a grenade he’s sent to be crushed — but he’s rescued by Deon, who’s going to transfers his brand […]

Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome

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{4/5} “In your last letter you questioned whether it’s my responsibility to join this fight. The truth is, we all became responsible the day we created the Cylons.” Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome, aired in 2012 William Adama has joined the war against the Cylons as a pilot. After boarding the Battlestar Galactica he finds […]

Revolution (season 1)

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{4/5} “‘Where are you going?’ ‘Uh, this little place called shut up and stay here.’” Revolution season 1, aired in 2012-13 All the electricity in the world fails, all at once. Fifteen years later people are living approximately the way they did in the 19th century. When militia members kill her father, Charlie sets out […]

Avengers: Age of Ultron

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{4/5} “The city is flying and we’re fighting an army of robots. And I have a bow and arrow. Nothing makes sense.” Avengers: Age of Ultron, released in 2015 Tony Stark and Bruce Banner create an artificial intelligence named Ultron to protect the planet. But things go wrong and Ultron decides he wants to destroy […]

Into the Woods

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{4/5} “I was raised to be charming, not sincere.” Into the Woods, released in 2014 The baker and his wife discover that the reason they can’t have a child is because the witch who lives next door has cursed the baker. But the witch will lift the curse if they find four items by the […]


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{4/5} Haphead, released in 2015 Maxine has a temp job at a factory making cables for virtual reality games. She steals a cable so that she can play — a game where everyone looks like a rabbit teaches her to fight. Maxine’s father has a job as a security guard, but his passion is working […]