The Far Side Gallery

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{5/5} “After 23 uneventful years at the zoo’s snakehouse, curator Ernie Schwartz has a cumulative attack of the willies.” The Far Side Gallery by Gary Larson, published in 1984 They build the Great Wall of China to keep a dog out. Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man meet joggers on the Yellow Brick Road. […]

Savage Chickens

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This is a comic strip by Doug Savage that’s drawn on one or more post-it notes. Many of the characters in the strips are chickens. It’s often wryly humorous. Here’s the main page: Savage Chickens Here’s one with a Star Wars theme: My Only Hope He has a bunch about meetings. I like this one: […]

Comic strips & collections

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Here are my votes on newspaper and online comic strips, current ones and ones from the recent past. It’s possible that some of these strips used to be funnier than they are now. There are some comic strips that are supposed to be serious — I haven’t gotten into any of them (if there was […]

A story about someone you know

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I’m not going to tell you who the story is about, because that would ruin the surprise. This is from The Oatmeal: It’s going to be okay

A comic strip that disappeared and came back

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The comic strip Gil by Norm Feuti was brilliant — it was the successor to Calvin and Hobbes. It appeared in some newspapers for a while and it appeared online for a while. I mentioned it before here. It disappeared but is now back on a different website. You can find it here: Gil Comic […]

Sherman’s Lagoon 1991-2001

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{4.5/5} “Sherman, I’m beginning to question my carnivorous lifestyle.” Sherman’s Lagoon 1991-2001 Greatest Hits and Near Misses by Jim Toomey, published in 2002 Sherman is a shark. Megan is his girlfriend, Fillmore the turtle and Hawthorne the crab are his friends, and Ernest is a young fish who’s still in school. Sherman looks after his […]

You’re all just jealous of my jetpack

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Here’s a comic strip by Tom Gauld called “You’re all just jealous of my jetpack.” The comics often have a literary theme. Here are a few that I particularly enjoy: The Four Undramatic Plot Structures Dystopian Road Signs Complete Guide to Cricket, Chapter 8,435: Umpiring Signals Here’s the main page: You’re all just jealous of […]

The Oatmeal, a unique comic

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Here’s a unique comic called The Oatmeal, which I like quite a bit. It’s done by Matthew Inman, and his standard type of comic is to point out something about everyday life in a funny way. A couple of examples I thought were particularly funny: How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell The 3 Most […]

Gil: a comic strip about an 8-year-old boy

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Gil is an eight-year-old boy who has a friend named Shandra and a nemesis named Morgan. Various strips show him at school, at home, or hanging out outside. Gil first appeared only on the web but it’s now in newspapers too. It’s written and drawn by Norm Feuti, who also does the strip Retail. I think it’s often […]

Surviving the World: a funny web comic

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Here’s another web comic I’ve just discovered, created by Dante Shepherd. It shares some qualities with xkcd but is definitely unique. It consists of photos of Dante’s writing (occasionally a graph) on a chalkboard. It’s been going since 2008 and he updates it every day. Surviving the World: Daily Lessons in Science, Literature, Love, and […]