Behold the Ape

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{4.5/5} “Somehow Isaac got a script into the hands of H.G. Wells himself, who wrote back, ‘…Because you’re aiming to distress Nigel and Desmond Rowen, I’ll see you the rights for a pittance — my way of thumbing my nose at their grandfather, who routinely tormented my old teacher, Thomas Henry Huxley. However, you must […]

Acts of Violet

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{4.5/5} “I’ve been immersed in the purgatory of my sister’s disappearance for the last decade. I think about her every… day. But since I prefer to avoid big emotional displays, I get criticized for not caring enough about her absence (mostly by people I don’t know, sometimes by the one I gave birth to). It’s […]

Untethered Sky

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{5/5} “All I’d ever wished for was to become a ruhker and hunt manticores, and now that I’d achieved that goal, I wanted to become a better ruhker, someone as skilled as Darius, as accomplished and respected as the most senior members of the mews. I had no desire to attend royal feasts or go […]

Bookshops & Bonedust

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{4.5/5} “‘That instant when you know that someone sees the same thing you see.’ Viv was surprised when Maylee nodded, shifting to meet Fern’s gaze squarely. ‘When they see you. When you know that at least right then, you’re really not alone. Somebody else feels exactly what you do. Or you hope so, anyway.’” Bookshops […]


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{4/5} “For generations it has been our task, our duty, to protect our people. The price is dear, but so too the reward.” Damsel, released in 2024 Elodie’s kingdom has fallen on hard times and her father has made a deal which relies on her marrying a prince she’s never met. When they arrive at […]

The Golden Enclaves

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{4.5/5} “There’s not much democracy in enclaves; they’re run like a cross between a vicious international corporation and a village full of vexatious eccentrics. Most of the denizens don’t care what the council are doing as long as everything keeps running smoothly from their perspective, and the only people who gets a significant vote anyway […]

The Last Graduate

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{4.5/5} “It’s never a good idea to get attached to freshmen, and doing it this early in the year was an invitation to misery, but after they’d saved me and Orion from blundering around almost choking ourselves to death, it had worn off enough of the cold-aloof-senior mystique I’d cultivated that they’d started talking to […]

What If…? (season 2)

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{4.5/5} “You here to help for a change, or just narrate?” — Peggy Carter, to the Watcher What If…? season 2, aired in 2023 When Yondu is killed, Nebula is tasked with getting to the bottom of what he was protecting. When Peter Quill comes to Earth in 1988 with destruction on his mind, a […]

A Deadly Education

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{5/5} “People seem to have no trouble convincing themselves that I’m dangerous and evil even when they aren’t actively looking for reasons. Of course, I could have killed him just be draining his mana, but I didn’t want to actually become a maleficer and then go bursting out of this place like most monstrous butterfly […]


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{5/5} “I love the secret lair. The garbage and the smell of sadness really pull the whole thing together.” Nimona, released in 2023 A thousand years after Gloreth rid the realm of monsters, a commoner is becoming a knight for the first time, Ballister. At his knighting ceremony some energy streaks out of his sword […]