N95 masks could end the pandemic sooner

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If everybody were to use the N95 masks we could end the pandemic in 4 weeks, according to Dr. Abraar Karan, seen here on CNN: See expert’s plan to end pandemic in four weeks Some places are ramping up production of N95 masks. Everyone should do so — including Canada.

Beans instead of beef

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Here’s a suggestion for people who want to help the environment but aren’t quite ready to become vegetarian: substitute beans for beef in your diet. James Hamblin at The Atlantic explains what the deal is here: If Everyone Ate Beans Instead of Beef Here is one more article on a similar theme. Melissa Clark at […]

Ridding the world of smoking

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Here’s an article from Vox that details how smoking has gone down dramatically in Canada and the US but has gone up elsewhere in the world. One way of improving things is by enforcing the terms of a treaty which 180 countries have signed — the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Tobacco companies have engaged […]

Nonsmokers get 6 extra vacation days

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A company in Japan has decided to fight smoking and reward nonsmokers in a unique way. Someone complained that smokers take more time off, with their frequent smoke breaks. So the company is giving nonsmokers 6 extra vacation days. Since the new policy was put in place, 4 of the company’s 42 smokers have quit. […]


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This short documentary shows some of the science behind the idea that you can retrain your brain. Neuroplasticity is the idea that the brain can be changed, it isn’t fixed. Dr. Norman Doidge’s research into this revolutionary concept shows that it can be used to help people with various debilitating conditions: The Brain That Changes […]

Smoking will be banned at McMaster

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I applaud any and all restrictions on smoking. Here’s one that makes me think about moving to Hamilton: McMaster University banning smoking on all campuses

Things keep getting discovered

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I feel like I’ve been paying too much attention to Donald Trump and not enough attention to other things. There have been a lot of incredible discoveries in the past year. This list of 25 is from the YouTube channel called “list25”: 25 Most SHOCKING Discoveries In The Last Year

Mind Over Medicine

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{5/5} “If you’re lonely, you’re stuck in a toxic relationship, you’re full of resentment for people who have hurt you, you’re cheating on your partner, you’re selling your soul at work, or you feel spiritually bankrupt, no amount of veggies, gym visits, 12-step programs, or vitamins is going to cut it. Radical self-care also involves […]

The plague, although rare, still exists

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The plague killed millions of people, perhaps even 30% of the population, in Europe in the Middle Ages. Did you know that the plague still exists? I was a bit surprised to come across this article about a new antibiotic for treatment of the plague. FDA Clears J&J Antibiotic For Treatment Of Plague There have […]

Cigarette warning labels & playground ban

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Canada has had graphic warning labels on cigarette packages (covering half their surface) since 2000. Research shows that these labels help ex-smokers resist starting up again. They also help nonsmokers, including teenagers, resist starting smoking. Cigarette warning labels help ex-smokers resist It’s nice that Canada is leading the way in something important like this — […]