The interview you need right now

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Here’s Stephen Colbert interviewing Vice President Joe Biden. Biden reminds you what “presidential” looks like and gives you hope for the future: Joe Biden: Trump Put The Country In A Terrible Spot By Failing To Act – EXTENDED INTERVIEW

Cavernous stupidity

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You know who the title is referring to without looking — it could only be one person. It’s sad that it’s the president of the United States, but it’s an apt phrase. Here’s Douglas Brinkley and Eugene Robinson on MSNBC: Brinkley: Nothing Else Like Trump’s ‘Cavernous Stupidity’ In U.S. History | The 11th Hour | […]

Videos about US politics

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I’ve previously highlighted a couple of sources of excellent information about US politics, the videos of Robert Reich and Thom Hartmann. Today I’d like to focus on a few more. These four people/channels tell you the latest deal about Donald Trump, Republicans, Democrats, Fox News, impeachment, the presidential race — and Trump’s response to the […]

This is the headline I was looking for

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This is the headline I’ve been waiting 3 1/2 years for: The Trump Presidency Is Over It’s from Peter Wehner at The Atlantic. He’s a Republican who saw what Trump was at the beginning. The fact that it took a pandemic to end the Trump presidency is shocking. Trump is so obviously horrible in every […]

Republican presidents committing treason

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Thom Hartman, author of Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, reveals on his show that Republican presidents have been committing treason for some time. A couple of these are completely shocking and brand new information to me. Here’s the clip: When Did Tyranny Begin In America? Hartmann is intelligent, knowledgeable, and convincing. Here’s the main page […]

Heresy against reality

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Stephen Colbert has a great phrase to describe the way Donald Trump wants us all to believe in the fantasy world he lives in: heresy against reality. It’s a beautiful phrase for an ugly situation. Colbert articulately explains what he means in this interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN. Full Interview: Anderson Cooper Talks To […]

Gun control

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Gun control has worked in other countries, therefore it will work if implemented in the US. Because guess who lives in the US? Humans, just like in other countries. It may be difficult to get done, but it’s not difficult to understand what the deal is. The only people who don’t want to do it […]

Why don’t we try peace for a change

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This article from the Guardian points out that Trump promised he would get the US out of wars, and he hasn’t. It points out that both Republicans and Democrats have been pretty much pro-war for some time, but polls indicate that people are tired of it. With so many, many things wrong with Trump it […]

Trump doesn’t like being president

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It’s obvious that Trump doesn’t like doing the job of president. He’s using any excuse he can to get out of doing work. Here are a couple of thoughts about what he could do. These videos are from CNN.  The first is from SE Cupp, who I haven’t seen before but I love the way […]

Bad faith arguments

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Here’s an articulate guide to a number of arguments that people make that are not valid. From saying you don’t know why people are doing something when you really do to saying you believe in free speech when you really don’t, it’s good to know about these things. There’s a hilarious-but-at-the-same-time-sad chart in the middle, […]