It’s time to get rid of monarchy

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Among the things we should get rid of in the 21st century? Monarchy. Note that I’m not talking about a specific monarchy, or specific people. Any specific monarch might be a nice person — that is irrelevant to my point. Regardless of their niceness, or usefulness, they should get off their throne. As for the […]


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Baratunde Thurston uses “citizen” as a verb to suggest that you need to be a citizen not just at elections but all the time. “Some people have always felt the right to take from others, to deny democracy to some, to keep some power for themselves,” he says. He has a podcast called “How to […]

Performative outrage

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The Republican Party used to care about policies — they were generally bad policies, but they were policies. Then for a while they pretended to care about policies but really didn’t. Now they’re not even pretending. Here’s David Pakman on this development: Trump’s Republican Party is Just Performative Outrage

How ex-presidents should act

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If you’re wondering how ex-presidents should act, it’s like this. Here are Bush, Clinton, and Obama with a shared message of democracy and unity on the day of Biden’s inauguration: Obama, Clinton, and Bush Unite For Biden’s Inauguration Will 45 ever be a member of this group? No, he will not.

The best day of 2020

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The day that Joe Biden was declared president elect was the best day of 2020 for millions of people. It’s a great day, not just for the US but for the world. There should have been a blue wave, but this result is infinitely better than the alternative. Now we can approach the future with […]

67 million voted for Trump the 2nd time

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One might understand that some people who voted for Trump the first time didn’t realize how terrible he’d be. But now they know. And 67 million people voted for him the 2nd time. That’s completely ridiculous. David Pakman explains that the reason is because Trumpists believe they’re at war: The Country is Screwed Whether Trump […]

Think about what was lost

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“Just think about, culturally, what was lost by us as a country — and much of the world — spending half a decade thinking about Donald Trump all the time.” — John Iadarola in this video: Trump OBLITERATED By Biden Ad

50 worst things Trump has done

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Keith Olbermann presents this sobering list. Saying these things makes him upset, and watching them should make you upset. Olbermann vs. Trump #15: The 50 Worst Trump Atrocities After January the only time I want to hear the name Trump again is when he goes to jail.

The presidential debate

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Like 4 years ago, I didn’t watch the debate. But I read enough to understand what happened. No one should have to watch a debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. It’s ridiculous to pretend that it’s a reasonable activity. One of them is a debater, and the other is a bull in a china […]

Trump vs. democracy

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Americans, one man is ruining your country — you need to pull it together to defeat him. Every single sane person needs to be doing everything in their power to stop Donald Trump. You must do everything you can to call out and resist voter suppression, voter intimidation, and other tactics. If your Congress representatives […]