Biden vs. Trump

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Here are the drawbacks to voting for these two candidates. As for people who think Biden’s age is a drawback, look at what he’s accomplished as president — and imagine what he could accomplish with a Democratic majority in the Senate and House. Thanks to Keith Olbermann for helping me remember some of these. Biden […]

Canadian voters, prepare to work together

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There’s an election coming, in 2025 or sooner, that needs the attention of Canadian voters. People need to be thinking and talking about what they’re going to do because there’s a giant looming problem. In Canadian history, whenever voters get tired of the Liberals they always vote for the Conservatives. That’s what’s happened every time. […]

Steve Shives’ videos about Star Trek & politics

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I’ve mentioned Steve Shives’ videos before here and here and here. He has lots of videos about Star Trek and things of a political nature. He debunks conspiracy theories and has “Five Stupid Things About” all kinds of topics. He’s very articulate, and I agree with him often. Here he discusses some underutilized Star Trek […]

Why conservatives don’t understand TV shows

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Steve Shives talks about how conservatives don’t understand the shows they watch (or music they listen to). He demonstrates that conservatives miss the point of All in the Family and The Colbert Report — and sometimes even Star Trek. Why is this? He says: conservatives assume that their opinions represent the consensus, ie. other people […]

Why the US democracy is so vulnerable

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Here’s David Pakman interviewing Steven Levistky, co-author of Tyranny of the Minority: Why American Democracy Reached the Breaking Point. He makes some points that I haven’t heard anyone make before. He points out that old democracies and rich democracies have always lasted. He talks about why the US democracy is more vulnerable than others: the […]

A “balanced” viewpoint isn’t right

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If you ask Alexa in a certain way if the 2020 American election was stolen, it will answer yes. Alexa is built by Amazon. Here are The Young Turks on this topic: WATCH: Alexa, Was The 2020 Election Stolen? They suspect that developers may have imagined that taking some news from the left and some […]

Cosplay as a serious person

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I like turns of phrases that put 45 in his place. Brian Tyler Cohen has been reporting the truth about US politics on his channel for a long time, and he is very articulate. Here’s what he says today: “He can cosplay as a serious person with serious reports and press conferences until he’s blue […]

Trumpist realizes “I’m the mark” live on air

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Here is a stunning video of a Trumpist named Steve Deace who repeated Trump’s lies on his podcast for years, only to find out now after all this time that they were lies. He realizes that it was a cult. The video is from Meidas Touch: Trump Podcaster REALIZES HE’S IN A CULT during LIVE […]

Stopping oligarghs from interfering in politics

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How do you stop oligarghs from interfering in politics? It’s actually quite simple. You pass a law against it — like Ukraine did. And if you think they couldn’t do it in the US, they certainly could — they used to have a law against it too. Thom Hartmann explains: America’s Rich Don’t Want You […]

It’s time to abandon your team

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Most people in the US think they have to vote for the Democratic Party or the Republican Party, although Ross Perot won 19% of the vote in 1992. Ones who are logical and are paying attention to what’s going on have certainly abandoned the Republicans, but there are many Americans who know less about what’s […]