Star Trek: Living Memory

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{4.5/5} “The Federation isn’t perfect. We’re better than most, but we only got that way because of past generations of protestors who pushed for a better world. And we do backslide now and then — our leaders get complacent and lazy and need a kick in the pants to remind them what we stand for.” […]

Star Trek: The Higher Frontier

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{4.5/5} “Seems to me that you can’t learn that much from someone who’s already like you. That might just be why we’re out here exploring strange new worlds instead of ordinary old ones.” Star Trek: The Higher Frontier by Christopher L. Bennett, published in 2020 When many Aenar are killed on Andoria by unknown attackers, […]

Notes from the Burning Age

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{5/5} “The kakuy do not care for the payers of man. They are not interested in our good or bad, our desires or whims. We pay them our respects, not because they will smell the incense or taste the wine, but to remind ourselves of the needfulness of this pact. Everything changes; the balance is […]


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{4.5/5} “”Something tried to eat me,’ she said. ‘Something ate all the organic parts of my suit, and all my hair, then excreted the junk right here. Including me.’ She noted in passing that she was glad the thing had classified her as junk.” Titan by John Varley, published in 1979 The Ringmaster’s mission is […]

Or What You Will

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{4.5/5} “She is Fate, Fortuna, God for her characters, and I am one of her characters. We didn’t always get on this well, there were times when we fought, when I tried to get away from her. I thought I could run away from her to a quiet unpopulated part of the world of the […]

Golden Fleece

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{5/5} “I slapped a NETWORK BUSY/PLEASE WAIT message on her screen and quickly shuffled the file. Of course, the network was never busy, but I made a point of flashing that message at each crew member once every few months. Never hurts to keep one’s options open.” Golden Fleece by Robert J. Sawyer, published in […]

A Psalm for the Wild-Built

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{5/5} “This had been the way of things since the Transition, when the people had redivided the surface of their moon. Fifty percent of Panga’s single continent was designated for human use; the rest was left to nature, and the ocean was barely touched at all. It was a crazy split, if you thought about […]

Arrested Development (season 1)

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{5/5} “There’s always money in the banana stand.” Arrested Development season 1, aired in 2003-04 Michael Bluth thought that when his dad, George Sr., retired he would be taking over the company, as he’d been working hard there for years. But when his dad is arrested and his mom is given control of the company, […]

The Second Summoning

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{4.5/5} “Look, Claire tends to see things in terms of what she has to do to keep the world from falling apart. Close an accident site here, prevent the movie remake of ‘Gilligan’s Island’ there, keep you from being hurt, feed the cat — everything’s an absolute. She doesn’t compromise well, it’s an occupational hazard.” […]

Summon the Keeper

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{4.5/5} “Keepers capable of abusing the power granted by the lineage were rare. Claire had only heard of it happening twice before in their entire history. The battles, Keeper vs Keeper, good vs evil, had been won but both times at a terrible cost. The first had resulted in the eruption of Vesuvius and the […]