Things keep getting discovered

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I feel like I’ve been paying too much attention to Donald Trump and not enough attention to other things. There have been a lot of incredible discoveries in the past year. This list of 25 is from the YouTube channel called “list25”: 25 Most SHOCKING Discoveries In The Last Year

What’s new in space

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The guys on YouTube who go by the name Cracked have made a video about recent space news. If you’re tired of news from Earth this might brighten your day. They talk about the probe that’s heading to an asteroid, a fairly nearby Earth-like planet, a mysterious signal from space, and a galaxy made of […]

10 recent scientifically solved mysteries

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What made the ancient theatre of Epidaurus so acoustically great, who made the crystal skulls, and is there a face on Mars — all answered. From Listverse: 10 Recent Scientifically Solved Mysteries There are lots more lists on this web site if you’re a fan of lists. As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, here are […]

10 things to know about the Moon

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Think you know everything about the Moon? See if you’re right. Feel like you don’t know enough about the Moon? Look right here. From LiveScience: Top 10 Amazing Moon Facts The most amazing thing I ever saw in the sky was a ring around the Moon. Here’s an explanation of the cause (you can also […]

Over 60 billion habitable worlds in our galaxy

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That’s a new estimate from astronomers, who have calculated that 40% of red dwarf stars (the most common type of star in our galaxy) “have a so-called ‘super-Earth’ planet orbiting in a habitable zone that would allow water to flow on the surface.” More details here… Billions of habitable worlds in Milky Way And that’s […]

Space is a dangerous place

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Something unusual happened on the International Space Station today. The astronauts all got into rockets in case they had to leave the station and return to Earth. Why? Because a piece of space junk was heading their way and they weren’t sure if it was going to hit the station. What does space junk consist […]