DaCapo Chamber Choir’s “Journey Into Night”

I attended the DaCapo Chamber Choir’s concert “Journey Into Night.”

The centrepiece of the concert was the 14-minute “When David Heard” by Eric Whitacre. It’s filled with despair, based on the Bible text that starts “When David heard that Absalom was slain he went up into his chamber over the gate and wept.”

As for the pieces that were new to me, the one that stood out was “Song of Invocation” by Sheldon Rose. I really liked the harmonies in this piece. It was the winner of DaCapo’s NewWorks competition in 2012.

The first two pieces contained few words, mostly humming and other sounds to evoke snow and ice. “Nocturne” takes its text from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice: “Here will we sit and let the sounds of music Creep in our ears.”

The choir was splendid as always. If you’re looking for a director and singers dedicated to performing interesting choral music from the last 100 years, look no further.

The choir is directed by Leonard Enns. Sarah Flatt, a member of the choir, played the piano for the last piece.

Here’s the complete program:

  • Snowforms — R. Murray Schafer
  • Ice — Bruce Sled
  • At the mid-hour of night — Alfred Whitehead
  • Tif (from Yiddish Suite) — Srul Irving Glick
  • Nocturne — Leonard Enns
  • Black Riders — Iman Habibi
  • When David Heard — Eric Whitacre
  • Song of Invocation — Sheldon Rose
  • Unter di shnayen (from Yiddish Suite) — Srul Irving Glick
  • Morgen — Richard Strauss

This year’s concerts follow the cycle of a day — Evening Song, Journey Into Night, and Sun Light (the latter is coming up in May).

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