Burn Notice (season 6)

{4.5/5} “Spies are trained to deal with catastrophic events. They’re taught to separate how they feel from what they need to do. But some circumstances are so extreme that separation is impossible. Then, even a seasoned operative will have the same response as everyone else: horror, disbelief, shock.”

Fiona has allowed herself to be arrested to force Michael to go after Anson. While she’s in prison, various people try to kill her. Michael makes a deal to see Fiona, and another deal to get her released. When the team is on an off-the-books mission in Panama, someone they thought was on their side betrays them. Michael finally says the words Fiona has been waiting years to hear — he’s ready to leave the CIA.

Burn Notice season 6 originally aired in 2012.

There are a fair number of deaths in this show, but usually the person who dies is someone we’ve known for somewhere between an episode and a season. But this time there’s a death of a character we’ve known for several seasons.*

There have been a few too many times when someone gets killed just as they’re about to give Michael the information he needs.

There are lots of great moments this season: typically the great moments are between Michael and Fiona, Michael and Sam, or Michael and his mom. As usual the season ends with a bang.

The funniest line in the series: Fiona tells Michael and Jessie that Sam is “brilliant” and then says “I’ll never admit that I said that.”

The moral of this whole story: don’t become a spy.

John C. McGinley (the TV show Scrubs) plays Michael’s old CIA trainer. Lauren Stamile (the TV show Grey’s Anatomy) plays Agent Pearce. Kristanna Loken (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines) plays Rebecca, another burned spy on Anson’s payroll. Patton Oswalt (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) plays someone who can smuggle anything.

I previously reviewed season 5.

Spoiler alert

*Nate, Michael’s brother

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