KW Symphony’s “Beethoven Marathon”

The Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony is celebrating its 70th season. To kick it off, they had 3 Beethoven concerts over this weekend. All of the pieces played during these concerts, except for “O Canada,” were by Ludwig van Beethoven. The symphony is conducted by Edwin Outwater.

Beethoven wrote 5 piano concertos — all 5 were played during these concerts by the symphony with Stewart Goodyear on piano. If you saw and heard what I did, Goodyear would be your new favourite pianist. He’s not unnecessarily flamboyant — just superbly talented. I have a feeling I’ve seen him before. There was a camera focused on his hands and this picture was displayed above the symphony.

I was familiar with Symphony No. 8 and Concerto No. 5 and these were definitely the highlights. Of the pieces new to me I found Overture to “Coriolan” to have a charming playfulness. It was all Beethoven, though, so it was great.

The appreciative audience gave a standing ovation not just at the end of the concerts but also at the intermission.

The 1st concert:

  • Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage (with the Grand Philharmonic Choir)
  • Concerto No. 1
  • Concerto No. 4

The 2nd concert:

  • Overture to “Coriolan”
  • Concerto No. 3
  • Symphony No. 8

The 3rd concert:

  • Overture to “King Stephen”
  • Concerto No. 2
  • Concerto No. 5

I previously reviewed the KW Symphony’s concert “Superheroes!

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