DaCapo Choir’s “Winding Toward Peace”

I went to DaCapo Chamber Choir’s first concert of the season, “Winding Toward Peace.”

Guitarist Kevin Ramessar joined the choir — I think I’ve seen him before, a while ago. It’s a bit unusual for a guitar to be played with a choir but it worked well in this case.

The choir and guitarist were terrific. Len Enns conducts the choir.

Here are the pieces. I’ll put a * beside the ones the choir sang and a + beside the ones Ramessar played.

  • Choral improvisation*+
  • His Gift — Kevin Ramessar+
  • Prelude from In Memorium Elmer Iseler — Ruth Watson Henderson*
  • A Procession Winding Around Me — Jeffrey Van*+
  • Come lovely and soothing death — James Rolfe*
  • In Paradisum — Kathleen Allan*
  • Elegy for a King — Frederic Hand+
  • Evolution from Ten Thousand Rivers of Oil — Leonard Enns*
  • Veni, Sancte spiritus — Mark Sirett*
  • The Rune of Hospitality — Alf Houkom*+

“A Procession Winding Around Me” was a great piece in 4 parts. The ones that grabbed me the most were “In Paradisum” and “Elegy for a King.”

I previously reviewed DaCapo’s concert “Sun Light.”

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