Murdoch Mysteries (season 4)

{5/5} “‘I can imagine this to be some sort of board game. Players would get clues pertaining to certain suspects. Whoever figured out the murderer would be the winner.’ ‘People find murder too grave for it to be the subject of frivolous entertainment.'”

Murdoch Mysteries season 4, aired in 2011

Julia left months ago but William still thinks about her all the time. And he’s also butting heads with the new coroner, whose attitude and work habits are different than Julia’s. When Julia asks William to come to Buffalo to investigate a suspicious death he rushes off to assist her — only to be stunned to find that she’s engaged. A consortium would like Inspector Brackenreid to run for alderman — as long as he will back their plan for a subway. When William finds an astonishingly detailed model of a Toronto street at a fair he’s surprised to discover there’s a man with a gun in one house.

Murdoch encounters Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier during one case that affects national security.

In the season finale Murdoch is the prime suspect in a murder. Of course, no one thinks he did it — except the inspector from another station house who’s in charge of the investigation. The episode comes to a stunning conclusion.

Julia’s sister Ruby returns, played by Sarah Gabon — I like how she calls her sister “Jules.”

I previously reviewed season 3.

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