Why I didn’t watch the debate

The first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump happened on Monday (September 26th). I watched a few minutes of it but then stopped. I had a feeling that I couldn’t immediately name.

The next day I named it — no one should have to watch a debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It’s completely ridiculous that Donald Trump is a candidate for president. Extremely seriously wrong things have happened to make that so.

I did read up on the debate afterwards. I hope that Clinton’s clear win in the debate will matter in the polls, but I’m not sure I can trust that it will.

Need another reason not to vote for Trump? I don’t think I’d noticed this consciously but he never laughs. You might say that’s trivial, but think about it — there’s something seriously wrong with a person who never laughs.

Have You Ever Seen Donald Trump Laugh?

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