DaCapo Chamber Choir’s “O, Canada!”

I attended the DaCapo Chamber Choir’s concert titled “O, Canada!” The pieces were all by Canadian composers — in fact, all by living Canadian composers — to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary.

Here’s the program:

  • The Gift — Russel Wallace
  • Bawajigaywin — Andrew Balfour
  • Miigwetch — Justin Lapierre
  • from Six Canadian Folk Songs — Derek Healey
    • Salish Song
    • Inuit Hunting Song
  • Due North — Stephen Chatman
    • Mountains
    • Trees
    • Woodpecker
    • Varied Thrushes
    • Mosquitoes
  • Nature’s Calm — Georgina Craig
  • Black Riders — Iman Habibi
  • Tabula Rasa — Don Macdonald
  • Deux po√®mes de Verlaine — Robert Ingari
    • Chanson d’automne
    • Soleils couchants
  • Harvest — Benjamin Bolden
  • Le Pont Mirabeau — Jeff Enns
  • Night on a Starry Hill — Matthew Emery
  • Gloria — Tobin Stokes

I was familiar with the Chatman and Enns, and they were delightful. Of the others my favourites were the Healey and the Macdonald, but each piece had something to like.

Three of the composers were in the audience. The Lapierre and the Bolden were premieres, honourable mention and winner of the 2016 NewWorks competition respectively.

The choir is conducted by Leonard Enns. From the program: “We begin with works that reflect an indigenous perspective and that celebrate the land itself. The second part of the concert features works that reflect the experience of settlers, both of new refugees and of those for whom Canada is a long-time and only home. Our ‘O Canada!’ remains a mixed cry, of joy certainly, but also an acknowledgement that, as Gerard Manley Hopkins puts it, ‘…when Peace here does house / He comes with work to do…'”

I previously reviewed DaCapo’s concert “Mid-Winter Songs.”

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