DaCapo Chamber Choir’s “Reincarnations”

I attended the DaCapo Chamber Choir’s concert titled “Reincarnations.”

Leonard Enns, conductor of the choir, says the concert “touches on reasons for hope, and on the possibility of transformation where fatigue, bitterness and despair may have set in. Love and beauty remain eternal themes. In the presence of such an eternity, as expressed in our final work, there is no space for fear, only the wonder of its truth.”

Here’s the program:

  • Requiem for the Victims of Terrorism (excerpts) — Barrie Cabena
    • Introit — Do not stand at my grave
    • Gradual — The Lord is my shepherd
    • Sequence — Look not for justice
    • Consecration — Only the lonely
    • Communion — Are you the dead
    • Responsory — May the healing peace
  • Shadows — James Rolfe
  • The Immortal — Nicholas Ryan Kelly
  • Aperi, Domine, os meum — Leonard Enns
  • Songs are Thoughts — Lavinia Kell Parker*
  • Reincarnations — Samuel Barber
    • Mary Hynes
    • Anthony O Daly
    • The Coolin
  • Tonight, eternity alone — RenĂ© Clausen

Catherine Robertson accompanied the choir on one piece (*). She also played two solo pieces by Leonard Enns, “PatchWork 2” and “PatchWork 3.”

Most pieces were by Canadian composers. Kelly, winner of the NewWorks 2017 contest, was in attendance.

Of the pieces I knew, my favourite was the Clausen. Of the pieces new to me, the Parker struck me the most.

The heating system (in the old church the concert was in) made unfortunate noises. Other than that, the concert was terrific.

I previously discussed their concert “The Colour of Freedom.”

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