Blue Bloods (season 8)

{4.5/5} “And one more bonus of the job. You can sit down with a president, a rock star, a famous athlete, and a cop. Whose stories does everyone want to hear?”

Blue Bloods season 8, aired in 2017-18

The mayor has resigned and an interim one appointed — Frank’s not sure if she wants him to be her police commissioner. The new mayor eliminates solitary confinement at prisons, which Frank isn’t happy about. Erin takes a second look at a case from years ago when she was getting a divorce — she hopes she didn’t send an innocent man to jail. Danny and Maria investigate a young woman who has returned after disappearing 13 years ago.

One cast member left the show between last season and this one, and their character was killed offscreen.*

Stars Sami Gayle and Lorraine Bracco.

Bebe Neuwirth guest stars as an Inspector General who’s a friend of Frank’s.

I previously reviewed season 7.

Spoiler alert

*Amy Carlson, who played Linda Reagan

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