Robert Reich’s videos about Trump

Robert Reich and his organization Inequality Media have produced a series of videos about Trump and his administration. Each video has a specific topic and Reich calmly, clearly, and concisely discusses that topic in a few minutes.

Reich was Secretary of Labor during Bill Clinton’s administration — he’s also a professor and an author. Topics include impeachment, gerrymandering, voting, tax cuts, economics, health care, immigration, the NRA, the Supreme Court, the Electoral College, the Mueller investigation, and the separation of church and state.

Here Reich points out the Trump is not doing his job:

A Year Without a President

Here Reich compares Trump to other not-so-great presidents:

Is Trump the Worst President in History?

Here Reich shows that Trump is not doing what he said he was going to do:

Dear Trump Voter

Reich is optimistic about the future. Here’s why:

6 Reasons for Hope in Trump Times

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