Washington State

I was recently in Washington State, where we made several excursions to visit scenic areas. The state is separated into a western and eastern part by the Cascade mountains. Chelan is in the eastern part.


  • this is a city around a long lake with low mountains all around
  • we went up a road that was so rough it was labelled a “primitive road”
  • you can see on some of the trees that there’s been a fire

Stevens Pass

  • this is one of the ways to get from one side of the mountains to the other
  • I saw a long horn sheep but I didn’t get a picture of it
  • Leavenworth is a town completely designed to look like a Bavarian town
  • the snow shed (the large structure built out of concrete) was to protect trains from an avalanche
  • some trees in the forest are almost completely covered in moss

Snoqualmie Falls

  • this is a waterfall that’s higher than Niagara Falls

Mt. Baker

  • this is an absurdly scenic area with views of Mt. Baker, Mt. Shuksan, and several others
  • we stopped at Puget Sound, the beginning of the ocean

North Cascades

  • we drove over the Diablo Dam
  • we briefly stopped at Big Four, where we went hiking 2 years ago

Mt. Rainier

  • it was foggy and cloudy, so we only caught brief glimpses of the mountain
  • the place with all the tree stumps is a river that’s almost completely dry
  • we saw several waterfalls and 2 deer, 1 of whom was walking nonchalantly on the road

Here are some photos (give the slideshow a few seconds to start)…

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