Final Report

{5/5} “I don’t know much about science, but I know this: They didn’t land a spaceship on a comet using anecdotal evidence, and they didn’t calibrate the rate of descent using focus groups.”

Final Report by Rick Mercer, published in 2018

This is mostly a collection of Rick Mercer’s rants from his TV show, Rick Mercer Report. He comments on things like:

  • Syrian refugees
  • American politics, including Donald Trump
  • modern technology
  • anonymous internet comments
  • civility in politics
  • Canadian politics, including Justin Trudeau and (in older rants) Stephen Harper
  • carding aka street checks
  • judges who don’t understand consent
  • minimum wage
  • payday loans
  • bad drivers
  • enthusiasm of school kids for the Spread the Net campaign

He also adds some new material, regarding the time he worked on a movie script with Norman Jewison, and his adventures with Jann Arden and Pierre Berton.

Mercer is smart and funny. He knows what’s going on, so he’s worth paying attention to.

It’s a short book, but many of the topics are worth thinking about — and doing something about.

This is the 1st book I’ve read by Mercer.

Whatever he does next, it’ll be worth watching.

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