Star Trek: Double, Double

{4.5/5} “He required food, oxygen, insulation from the cold of space. He could be stricken by disease, irreparably damaged through the use of force. And in time, he would simply die of old age. Androids, of course, had no such liabilities.”

Star Trek: Double, Double by Michael Jan Friedman, published in 1989

Captain Kirk thought there was no one on Exo III when he left. But a hidden Doctor Brown android woke up later and decided to fulfill Doctor Korby’s plan — starting with creating an android version of James T. Kirk. Meanwhile, Kirk is ordered to take the Enterprise near the Romulan border — and given shore leave on Tranquility Seven.

This is a sequel to the episode “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”

It’s a dangerous situation that requires all the crew’s attention and ingenuity. Friedman knows the characters like the back of his hand.

This is the 2nd time I’ve read it.

I haven’t read anything by Friedman in a while, but I’ve read 18 of his Star Trek books. I also read a bunch of his Star Trek: The Next Generation comic books.

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