The OA (season 1)

{5/5} “Try to imagine what it’s like to have been a prisoner all those years. You’re not free just because you can see the ocean. Captivity is a mentality, it’s a thing you carry with you.”

The OA season 1, aired in 2016

Seven years ago Prairie Johnson went missing. Now she’s back — she used to be blind but now she can she, and she tells people to call her “the OA.” She can’t tell her parents or the FBI what happened. But she gets a group of 5 people together, 4 teenagers and a teacher, who she can tell — an astonishing tale of kidnapping, shockingly unethical experiments, and supernatural abilities.

Brit Marling is mesmerizing, and the story is different from anything you’ve seen before.

If you started with episode 5 you might have a tough time suspending your disbelief. But since the show has been perfect up until then, you will suspend it.

The season ends in a way that makes you really want to immediately start watching season 2 — luckily that is now possible.

Stars Scott Wilson, Phyllis Smith, Emory Cohen, and Ian Alexander.

Rosalind Chao guest stars as a journalist in one episode.

This is the 2nd time I’ve watched it. My 1st review is here.

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