Agents of SHIELD (season 6)

{5/5} “The universe can’t stop us. Because… we’ve survived the bottom of the Atlantic, we’ve crossed the galaxy — more than once — just to be together. So, a love like that is stronger than any curse.”

Agents of SHIELD season 6, aired in 2019

Mac is now director of SHIELD — he’s too focused on the job for romance with Yo-Yo. Fitz is missing, and Daisy and Simmons are out in the galaxy looking for him. Fitz is pretending to be not a human on a ship where the captain is a very unpleasant person. Meanwhile, back on Earth, there’s some people who have come from another dimension or something, blowing up a museum in the process — and one of them looks exactly like Coulson.

There are only 13 episodes, but it’s another terrific season.

There are flashbacks to Coulson and May’s last days together.

Things are a bit out of control in the season finale, with multiple disasters happening at the same time.

Stars Jeff Ward, Briana Venskus, and Maximilian Osinski.

I previously reviewed season 5.

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