Cosmos: Possible Worlds (season 2)

{4.5/5} “It will not be we who reach Alpha Centauri and the other nearby stars. It will be a species very like us, but with more of our strengths and fewer of our weaknesses.” — Carl Sagan

Cosmos: Possible Worlds (season 2), aired in 2020

We learn about Baruch Spinoza, and the Polynesian voyagers. We learn about a possible near future in which we send microships to Proxima to learn about the Earth-like world there, only 4 light years away. We learn about a cosmic telescope, and what will happen when our sun dies. We learn about the origins of life, and places in the solar system where life might exist. We learn astonishing things about bees — about how they communicate the precise position of an object to their fellow bees.

Neil deGrasse Tyson continues to narrate — he has a great enthusiasm for the subject matter.

Jumping from the past to the future, we learn what science has done for us and what it could do for us. We learn about famous scientists, and ones we’ve never heard of who did amazing things.

I previously reviewed season 1.

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