{5/5} “‘You need me to call somebody for you?’ ‘Well, I don’t think they’d hear you from here.'”

Enchanted, released in 2007

The Queen doesn’t want her stepson Edward to get married because then that princess will usurp her. When Edward meets Giselle he immediately wants to marry her, but the Queen sends her somewhere far away — into a different world. Giselle ends up in New York and baffled about everything she sees, but once she meets Robert and he allows her to sleep in his apartment things start looking up.

This movie is delightful in every way from start to finish.

You’ll be singing the songs for years. Most of the movies in the top 10 musicals are classics but this one has joined their ranks.

Any day you watch this movie will be a better day.

It’s about love.

Amy Adams is perfect as the cartoon princess come to life, Patrick Dempsey is perfect as the slightly jaded but kind New Yorker, and Susan Sarandon is perfect as the wicked queen.

Directed by Kevin Lima (Tarzan). The music by Alan Menken and songs by him and Stephen Schwartz are stupendous.

This is the 2nd time I’ve seen it.

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