Trump vs. democracy

Americans, one man is ruining your country — you need to pull it together to defeat him. Every single sane person needs to be doing everything in their power to stop Donald Trump.

You must do everything you can to call out and resist voter suppression, voter intimidation, and other tactics. If your Congress representatives are not calling these things out and doing something about them, ask them why not. The only way Trump can win is by cheating. Here’s The Young Turks on Bernie Sanders’ call to action:

Bernie Sanders’ POWERFUL Address on Trump’s Threat to Democracy

Sanders echoes this idea from Dan Coats, a former director of national intelligence for Trump:

  • Create a nonpartisan commission to oversee the election, to make sure it’s conducted fairly and people see it as legitimate.

He also has these ideas:

  • Congress should conduct hearings to hear from the smartest people to make sure the election and the period afterward is secure and peaceful.
  • Every elected official should oppose voter suppression and voter intimidation, and ensure that no winner is declared until all votes are counted.

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