Star Trek: Voyager (season 2)

{4.5/5} “Without the darkness, how would we recognize the light? Do not fear your negative thoughts, they are part of you. They are a part of every living being — even Vulcans.”

Star Trek: Voyager season 2, aired in 1995-96

When the Doctor starts thinking he might be a real person and everyone else is a hologram, Lt. Barclay shows up to convince him to blow up the ship. Chakotay finds a symbol on an alien planet that he last saw years ago in the jungle of South America. When Voyager needs terellium for the warp drive Neelix gets some but the rest of the away team is captured by the Mokra — except for Janeway, who’s found by a man who thinks she’s his daughter. When Voyager comes across a robot floating in space B’Elanna finds a way to power him up — but the robot doesn’t tell her he’s part of a faction that’s fighting another robot faction.

B’Elanna and Harry have a nice relationship when they work together on technical things.

The 2nd half of the season is better than the 1st half.

One of the craziest episodes in all of Star Trek is in this season. In “Threshold” Janeway and Paris evolve into lizard-like creatures after breaking the warp 10 threshold. It’s not exactly a good one, but it’s memorable.

In “Meld” Tuvok mind melds with a murderer to help him — but he hurts himself. In “Dreadnought” Torres finds herself trying to disarm a missile that she programmed back in the Alpha Quadrant. In “Death Wish” Janeway meets a member of the Q who decides he’s lived long enough. In “Lifesigns” the Doctor finds himself attracted to his patient, a Vidiian woman who he’s given a temporary holographic body. In “Resolutions” Janeway and Chakotay have contracted a disease that forces them to remain on a planet.

Guest stars include Dwight Schultz, Aron Eisenberg, Gary Graham, and Joel Grey. Raphael Sbarge and Brad Dourif guest star as Jonas and Suder respectively.

John deLancie reprises his role as Q and Jonathan Frakes briefly reprises his role as Riker.

Stars Jennifer Lien, Robert Duncan McNeill, and Ethan Phillips.

This is the 2nd time I’ve watched it.

I previously reviewed season 1.

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