VOY String Theory: Cohesion

{4.5/5} “‘You would retain your individuality, Lieutenant, not become a member of the collective. You couldn’t because there is no collective here.’ Seven of Nine stopped then and considered, realizing she was not being completely accurate. ‘Actually, that is not true: we would be the collective — a collective of two.'”

Star Trek: Voyager — String Theory: Cohesion by Jeffrey Lang, published in 2005

Voyager drops out of warp suddenly, without explanation. They theorize that there’s something unusual about this region of space. They also almost run into a gigantic ship of 15 000 Monorhans. Captain Ziv comes aboard Voyager to discuss their mutual troubles. Later when Voyager tries to help the other ship, a tragic disaster occurs.

This is the 1st book in a trilogy.

It’s about helping people in trouble, investigating an unprecedented situation, and working with someone you don’t like.

I’ve read 4 books by Lang. I previously reviewed Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Force and Motion.

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