VOY String Theory: Evolution

{4.5/5} “While most of these hotshots around here act all blasé about rearranging planetary systems and making stars go nova, the truth is, simple games of chance entertain them endlessly. I’ve seen Q at the slots for days, shoveling in their chips and pulling the handle to see if the primordial DNA combinations the box throws at them might create life and allow them to win the jackpot.”

Star Trek: Voyager — String Theory: Evolution by Heather Jarman, published in 2006

Q has whisked Tom and Harry away who knows where — surprisingly, he needs their help. The Doctor is in Exosia, with the Nacene and the transformed Monorhans. Captain Janeway is brain dead, her body in stasis on Voyager. Acting Captain Chakotay is trying to bring everyone back together — and save the universe.

This is the sequel to Fusion.

I like how Neelix gives Chakotay some help filling roles when he needed it, and how Seven realizes she misses Janeway when she’s gone.

It ties in with the very beginning of the series — with Kes and the Ocampa, and the Caretaker and the other Nacene. It has time travel, and aliens with plans that affect the whole universe.

It’s about responsibility, choice and chance, and a willingness to evolve. It provides an explanation for the events of the episode “Night” as well as some of Janeway’s actions.

This is the 1st book I’ve read by Jarman.

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